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The Kentucky Society of Anesthesiologists (KSA) is a professional organization of Anesthesiologists in the State of Kentucky.


Prepared for the March 14, 2020

Meeting of the

Kentucky Society of Anesthesiologists



1st Place – Justin Talwar (Medical Student) – View Poster Here

Dental Injury During General Anesthesia and Those Who Seek Financial Compensation

A Retrospective Case Series

Justin S. Talway (MS4, UKCOM); Robert R. Gaiser (Professor, UKCOM)


2nd Place Tie – David Amaro-Driedger, MD – View Poster Here

Stellate ganglion lock in the setting of recent LVAD placement with intractable

Episodes of ventricular tachycardia and fibrillation causing recurrent ICD discharge

David Amaro-Driedger, MD; Marty Burke, MD; Tracy Harbut, MD; Justin Craig, MD


2nd Place Tie – J. T. Henderson (Medical Student) – View Poster Here

Anesthesia Utilization Index (AUI) Demonstrates Variability in Use of Available Time by Non-Operating Room Anesthesia (NORA) Services

J.T. Henderson, BA,; Edwin A Bowe, MD; Brian C. Sindelar, BS


Additional Posters Presented:


End of Life Goals in a Medically Complex Parturient – View Poster Here

Kate Williams, MD; Brittany Maggard, MD


Preserved Neurologic Function After Prolonged Hypoxia – View Poster Here

Kate Williams, MD; Lady Ong Sio, MD; Jiapeng Huang, MD


Anesthetic Management for Patient with “Do Not Resuscitate – Comfort Care” Orders – View Poster Here

Yasmin Sritapan DO; Marina Varbanova MD; Brittany Maggard MD

Annual Meeting


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